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GUESTS are welcome to try the well-known hiking trails in the neighbourhood. Get to know the flora in the famous Voetpad se Kloof or Dam se Kloof.

Voedpad se Kloof is a zig zag path up the mountain. Once the only way people got out of the kloof. Lovely views. Take water and a Field Guide with you.

Dam se Kloof is a walk which includes chain ladders, plenty of rock pools, ferns and Knysna Loeries. Take a Field Guide with for a full experience of the Kloof.

“Gumboot Trail” from old Police Station – follow river, past catchment area (known as ‘LordPoppie’), until you reach second cement slab and reach the road. Then walk back to GUEST House along the road. Bring your Gumboots along.

Another fun walk is to Climb up Kamerkloof and find the Baboon cage up to topof mountain. Try and find the cycads which are growing there.

A short walk from Kamerkloof to the old Police Station and cells through Kamerkloof land takes you to apath up to enon conglomerates and noors trees. These are big rocks which are 120 million yearsold. The walk takes you to a beautiful view of the valley and is a wonderful place for sunset viewing.

(You can also ride this road with a 4x4vehicle)

There are also short walks through olive orchards past the farm dam, farm cemetery and Klein fonteinkloof. This is a great area in Kamerkloof for Bird Watchers

‘Garden of Eden Walk'

Walk past the workers’ houses and quarry over the hill in Rietkloof and then walk along the river to get back to the GUEST House.